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This is the reason why tourists visit Sunari Beach

KUNINGAN POST | Sunari Beach is a tourist destination that has a lot of beauty on Selayar Island. This beach is located in Patikarya Village, Bontosikuyu District, Selayar Islands Regency.

For those of you who want to visit this beach, it is quite easy to reach and you don't have to be confused because the place is on the axis of the Selayar Islands.

Food and Culinary Typical of the Selayar Islands are also available in this place, while enjoying the view that spoils the eyes.

The specialty of this beach is, because on this beach you can see the sunset which is so beautiful, and also the natural scenery is so beautiful surrounded by coconut trees.

There is one place that is very much liked by visitors, namely the giant swing, this swing has a fairly large size different from the size of the swing in general, so it is called a giant.

Besides being free, the reason this swing is very popular is because it directly faces the sunset so that many visitors want to take pictures and they are even willing to queue.

In addition to a giant swing, the manager of this beach has also provided a place to lie on the beach which also faces the sunset, so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset while relaxing.

The cleanliness of Sunari Beach is also very well maintained, so it is not surprising that many people come to this place. In order not to miss the sunset moment, you should come early, around 15.00 WITA where the day has started to show the afternoon.

And for those who come in the morning, you don't have to worry, because at Sunari Beach there is already a hangout place such as a cafe, to fill the time before the afternoon comes.

In addition to sharing the beauty, Sunari Beach also has various adequate facilities, such as villas for those who want to linger to enjoy the beauty of Sunari Beach, parking spaces for visitors and also bathrooms.

To stay at the Villa, an affordable rate is charged with various facilities that pamper visitors.

Very beautiful if you imagine, the view of the beach surrounded by coconut trees and a place to lie down to watch the sunset while relaxing and drinking coffee. It is highly recommended for those of you who like traveling or traveling to come and enjoy the various beauties of Sunari Beach.

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